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I studied Graphology professionally for three years and have been practising it for 16 years in England, Jersey, Portugal, America, Australia and New Zealand.

Most of my career as a graphologist has been with private individuals and this has honed my analytical skills as I have been speaking to people about themselves and the people closest to them.


I've been practising graphology for 16 years


Handwriting Analyst
e: Grafolojikal@aol.com
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I have worked around the world in festivals and private establishments doing “on the spot” analysis as well as written reports. I have also given presentations and taught graphology courses.

My experience as a graphologist has been diverse and has ultimately equipped me to work in any area that handwriting analysis is required.

"Thank you so much for the Graphology reading; I found it thought provoking and fascinating. As a coach I especially found it it insightful to learn that our handwriting can retain traces of our old traits and characteristics for up to ten years or so. This gives an extra dimension to this science which points to past, progress and possibility. Above all your insights help bring it all to life. Thanks again with every best wish" Rasheed Ogunlaru Life coach - speaker - Business Coach www.rasaru.com