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Private individuals and businesses can benefit from using the knowledge of human nature that handwriting analysis brings. Handwritings are very individual and you would be hard pressed to find another method of character analysis which gives so much insight into the personality of the writer.

During childhood graphology can be used to identify progress. Certain writing movements should have been accomplished at different stages of development. Character analysis is limited with regard to children until they are writing automatically (approximately around the age of 12). However, you can tell if a child is unhappy, insecure, frightened or angry, as well as being reassured when they are well balanced and happy individuals. The tension in their bodies relays to the paper how they feel. If you get the opportunity to assess a child this way early on, then you will be better able to address their fears and pave the way to well balanced adulthood.

During adolescence character is more affirmed so an analysis can be undertaken. The graphologist takes into account the raging hormones which often come hand in hand with teenagers, however careers advice can be given based on their inherent nature.

Having your handwriting analysed can be a useful exercise as in the case of the young man who reckoned the fact that he lacked discipline was no big deal, whereas his writing as a whole showed that this was a major problem. He was shocked to say the least. If he decides to change, his handwriting will also change - this can take anything up to 10 years - but gradually the negative trait will disappear.

In the business world recruitment is the obvious use for graphology and is only one part of the process. This is a positive way of ensuring the most suitable people are employed. Some people interview very well but lack substance. A graphologist can tell in a matter of hours if you have a leader, follower or time waster on your hands. It is a fair way of recruiting as physical appearance, race, colour and creed have no bearing on the assessment.

Compatibility reports can be used for personal relationships as well as business mergers. Two or more handwritings are analysed, the potential areas of friction are identified thus highlighting where compromise will be needed. With regard to company mergers finance is often the predominant issue, but if the personalities of the main players clash then this can be the recipe for disaster.

Criminology is another aspect of graphology. There are two sides to this - the character analysis side of the science and the forensic side where, for instance, writings are compared for proof of fraud and the personality isn't part of the process.

Graphotherapy is the area of graphology which deals with helping people to heal through their handwriting. Addressing the traits in the writing which indicate the personality issue leads to the problem being alleviated.

Graphology is a science that can be used for any purpose which involves the study of human nature.







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