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You cannot tell, except by intuition, whether a piece of writing is by a man or a woman.  There are feminine men and masculine women.  Therefore it is imperative to ask for the sex of the writer, unless it is obvious by the text or signature.

Age is another thing that can’t be ascertained through handwriting.  Some people are mature at an early age while others are still immature at an advanced age.  It is very important to get the approximate age of the writer as a shaky writing in a 20 year old has completely different connotations to a shaky writing in a 90 year old for instance.  The latter is probably due to age or infirmity, the former is probably due to some psychological problem, unless ill health is an issue.

Graphology can’t foretell the future, nor is it a way of telling the writer’s fortune, but it can point to the way they are progressing - or not.

It won’t indicate what the writer actually does as an occupation or profession.  It may tell you what they should be doing, but many people are in jobs for which they are not suited while their actual inclinations and abilities lie elsewhere.

Race, colour and creed can’t be ascertained by handwriting either.  It is possible to analyse all types of writing, but for me to analyse say Arabic or Chinese writing I would have to have detailed knowledge of their alphabet and language - though to understand what is written isn’t necessary.  Some years ago when I was working in London a very irate letter came to my attention.  However, the writing itself was so placid and without life, I just couldn’t imagine how the writer could work themselves up to such anger.  The last paragraph explained it all, it said “I am asking my neighbour to write this as I’m too angry!”

The other things that should be checked before starting an analysis is whether the writer is right or left handed and whether they have any respiratory or other health problem that might affect their writing.

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