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Writing is not an aimless movement. The writer has to work out a definite manuscript and to overcome all the psychological, physical and intellectual difficulties which hinder this accomplishment. From this point of view, handwriting gives you an account of how the writer works, plans, arranges and overcomes difficulties. It will also tell you something of their standard of intelligence, memory, education, skill, energy, vitality, abilities and discipline.

Writing is also the production of letters i.e. certain copybook forms and the transformation of these forms by each writer to similar ones with certain alterations. These alterations consist of two kinds of mostly unconscious activity: the omission of parts of the letters which the writer considers unpleasant, difficult to produce or unessential, and the addition or emphasis of other parts, which the writer feels to be pleasant, easy to form or important. From this point of view handwriting is an expression of the writer’s unconscious likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences.

Graphology is a method of assessing someone’s personality by studying their handwriting. So, therefore, your handwriting can reveal:

  • Talents
  • Skills that you may not be aware you have or aren’t using to the full
  • Emotional reactions
  • Motivations
  • Inter-personal skills
I've been practising graphology for 16 years


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